Proprietary by design, Navia Hub has been built from the ground up to be both simple to use and ready to untangle the complexity of international supply chains.

We’ve spent years refining and investing in technology so you don’t have to. With a dedicated product development team, the story of Navia Hub is only just starting.
We see technology in supply chain as something that must continue to explore the edges of what’s possible in order to deliver true value to our customers in a changing world, and to help them maintain a competitive edge.

Visible. Insightful. Revolutionary.

Navia Hub is integrated globally, meaning large and small customers benefit immediately. For our more advanced customers, we also have an in-house integration team ready to further enhance the Navia Hub experience.
Navia Hub makes your supply chain visible. It’s not just about knowing where your cargo is. We want to provide the insight you need to allow you take charge of your supply chain, and discover the best value for your business.
By knowing more about your supply chain, you can finally make decisions based on fact. Navia Hub uses the power of your big data to uncover all of the nuances in your supply chain and visualize metrics ready for improvement. Navia Hub is more than just visibility:
  Deep dive into financial metrics down to SKU level
  Analyse sourcing channels
  Benchmark vendors

Plan with knowledge.

Navia Hub has been designed to help you determine the real potential of your organisation’s supply chain.

With exception mitigation at the forefront of everything we do, Navia Hub is designed to build pathways to market around a deep understanding of critical risk.
Better forecasts for your labour demands. Better management of inventory. Better understanding of triggers for purchase. In every way, Navia Hub delivers.


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